Riverside Gym Hampton Court

Riverside Gym & PT Space to Hire

Riverside Gym is a contemporary fitness space a stone’s throw away from the Royal Palace. Located on the parade, the studio has a rustic blend of exposed brickwork, brushed concrete ceilings and vintage weight lifting equipment ageing like a fine wine.
We promote training smart and recovering fast using cutting edge strength & conditioning principles and basic human movements to get the results you need!
Join us and gain the ability to be 100% confident in your fitness and ability to move the way you were designed to.



Riverside Gym
18 Hampton Court Parade,
Creek Road,
East Molesey,

Renting Riverside Gym for Personal Training & Classes

Riverside Gym maintains an exclusive membership list to allow Personal Trainers to provide their clients the best service possible with minimal disruption from other gym goers. Riverside Gym is also available for classes to hire e.g. yoga.

For information about space rental please contact James at james@riversidegym.co.uk

What is available to use in my sessions?


We’re stocked with all the equipment a personal trainer could need, including mobility equipment and a fully matted rubber floor! Our current equipment list is as follows:

Resistance Exercise

Standard Dumbbells from 1kg – 50kg
Olympic Bars x 3
Variety of Short Barbells
Trap Bar
Over 500kg of plates (including 160kg of bumper plates)
Power Rack x 2
Bench x 3
Kettlebells 2kg – 24kg
Cable Machine
Lat Pulldown / Seated Row
Standing Calf Raise Machine
Farmers Walk Handles
Strongman Log


Cross Trainer
Rowing Machine
Exercise Bike
Boxing Bag + Gloves and Thai Boxing Bellypad
Battle Rope


Back Extension
Ab Rollout
Small and Large box
Medicine and Slam Balls
Resistance Bands (different strengths)
Weight vest
Dipping Belt
Powerlifting Belt