We help you achieve lasting results with practical programmes, professional coaching and a culture of strength and teamwork.

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Real Strength

Hi, I'm James McKie. Welcome to Riverside Gym, where our goal is to help you achieve tangible and lasting improvements in your performance.


Our Mission

People buy gym memberships because they want to achieve results, but in the modern world of information overload, it can be hard to stay on course.


Many face the problem that, although they are training, they are not seeing consistent benefits. Injuries can get in the way and motivation, like results, can fluctuate. 

No sport is performed truly alone, yet training in a gym has become self-taught. I don't believe this is the best way to truly achieve your potential.

Lots of people have a routine, but they don't have a programme… this is where we can help.


Our Solution: Real Strength

I created the Real Strength programme to declutter functional training and help fundamentally capable trainees elevate themselves from the beginner / intermediate stage to advanced performance.

Real Strength is a step up from commercial gyms without the rigidity of a box gym. We believe in helping you achieve lasting results by harnessing the focus and engagement of an elite setup in a way that is more accessible and enjoyable than other facilities.

Through Real Strength we deliver an education in training, giving you everything you need to get stronger, more powerful and in better shape, year after year. I provide everyone with personalised programmes, based on your goals and aligned with the Real Strength system. Coaches monitor and adjust your programme weekly.

Through Real Strength we will ensure you have the tools you need to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, real ownership of your training and most importantly, the feeling that the hard work you put in pays off.


The Real Strength Membership pairs an equipped gym with weekly individualised programming to help you guarantee results.












Real Strength is based on getting stronger in the heavy basics, building muscle for function and improving conditioning and body composition.

The programme is refined over time to suit the ability of each individual and can be inclusive of specialist areas such as Olympic Weightlifting and specific S&C preparation for sports. 

This process begins with a live document which is adjusted weekly by a coach, based on what they are seeing in your feedback. All coaches are university graduates who are a minimum of Level 6 qualified. 

You will have the option to send videos for analysis to cover any problem areas in more depth and learn more about achieving your goals.

Reporting in on your programme and having a coach to guide you will help you stay organised, accountable and consistent in achieving your goals. 


Receive your individual programme each week and start on the path to achieving your goals! 

Check in with your coach weekly. 


All the benefits of the solo membership PLUS the addition of group training twice per week (Wed 1900 & Sat 0900).

The group is a brilliant place to inspire motivation and forge strong relationships. 

Programmes inside the group are customised to each individual and aligned with the group's collective goal of strength and performance. 

1 - 1

The most in depth approach available, including 2x weekly 1-1 coaching sessions.​


Private coaching allows for a higher degree of attention to your training.


This can be useful for those on a novice level to learn fundamentals quicker and those requiring a more specialised approach to have more focus and technical analysis.

Our Client's Experience

Once I tried the group programme, there was no looking back! With James' instruction and attention my physical ability, health, posture and attitude have all improved. Even better is the camaraderie within the programme, it's more than just a gym.

Glenn Richter

I trust James. He has always programmed practically for me, helping to overcome old injuries and find a solution to a problem. He is always willing to give extra content and feedback outside of sessions and actually wrote my first ever programme for free.


Jeremy Gordon

Before joining Riverside Gym my experience was limited to a handful of PT sessions at a commercial gym. Working with James has revolutionised the way I train and I’m easily in the best shape I’ve ever been. Lifting has become a passion and something I can see myself doing long-term, which I never thought would be the case!

William Grace

The gym and the programme strikes the right balance between welcoming, challenging, and motivational. James tailors my training to help me accomplish my goals safely and confidently whilst pushing me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Rebecca McCartney

Since training with James, my overall strength and technique have improved dramatically. His knowledge and passion made training engaging and enjoyable but also challenging. I couldn’t
recommend him more highly.​

Harriet Bernstein-Dale

Not only has my fitness and strength endurance improved over the past eight weeks in the group, but I have also experienced a considerable strength carry-over to my regular workouts, something that I do not see very often now that I am approaching fifty. James is passionate about what he teaches, incredibly knowledgeable and has a keen eye for detail.

Mark Bretherton

As I got older, I had found it harder to maintain my fitness to a good standard.  Since commencing the Real Strength programme, however, I have made marked progress in my health and fitness goals. James’ extensive experience and professionalism, coupled with his dedication and enthusiasm towards helping his clients achieve their goals, is simply phenomenal, and I can wholeheartedly recommend both James and the Real Strength programme.


Audrey Shirley

The programme has been a revelation. Fat has dropped off, aerobic capacity has ballooned and muscle has appeared from nowhere. I strongly recommend this programme for quickly accelerating fitness and I can commend the group coaching as alert, expert and supportive.

Steven Rhodes

The group programme is without doubt the single most beneficial course I have taken part in. James enthusiasm backed up by university level knowledge pours out of him. I've met some great people, I'm more confident and know I'm a better athlete than before. No matter what your shape, size or ability give it a go!

Mark Cantell

Since I started training with James at Riverside Gym, my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically. James listens and establishes a plan to suit my goals. His knowledge and dedication to developing his clients is first-class. Additionally, the one-2-one sessions are varied and interesting thus ensuring that I’m always pushing harder towards my goals.

Dan Beasley

Real Strength provides healthy accountability with my weight training. James creates a friendly and professional atmosphere while providing top quality and personalised strength training programmes. We are successfully working around old basketball injuries and avoiding over-training, something I have struggled with in the past. I've found Riverside to be a polite, friendly and positive place in which to train.

Daphne Cogan

Real Strength has helped me get stronger and fitter in a way that seemed impossible while I was attending commercial gyms. James' focus on his members' wellbeing through both the physical and mental aspects of training, as well as making sure goals/results are achievable and sustainable, is important in making sure they get the best from their individual programme over time.

Hardeep Marwaha


My coaching programme is built on getting you the best results possible. This is the main reason I have been successful to date and I will protect that by offering you a 30 day money-back guarantee.

I ask that you take part in this programme for the full duration and if you feel you did not improve from it, email me and I'll refund you 100% of the price.

​I designed this programme to help you reach your goals, and I am confident it will do that.

James McKie