To combat the spread of COVID-19, we have put some practices in place to ensure that Riverside Gym is COVID Secure.

We are proud to resume operations with a sustainable approach to training whilst tackling COVID-19.


  • All stations, platforms and machines are spaced 2m apart.

  • Dumbbell and Barbell storage has been moved to the centre aisle to allow easier access to kit.


  • Anti-bacterial wipes are supplied for members to follow our policy of cleaning kit pre & post use.

  • A hand sanitising station has been installed.

  • Bins have been upgraded to units with automatic opening lids.

  • Deep cleaning takes place 4 nights a week.


  • All members, groups and 1-1 coaching services have been assigned several 1 hour slots per week. This ensures a maximum of 4 people per hour, a number with which we can maintain social distancing.


  • Should anyone display Covid-19 symptoms and have to self-isolate, the gym will be immediately closed and deep cleaned before re-opening.

  • Using our time slot and key fob system we can trace and inform those who would’ve been near contact with the individual suffering symptoms.  

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