Join our supportive team, gain structure and set clear, measurable goals.

“I’m ready to take a step up from conventional training.”

“I want to do more than just standard workouts, but I don’t know where to start with a barbell.”

“I miss the competitive edge I once had from sport years ago.”

“My body is stiffer than it used to be, I want to be able to move properly.”

“I only have a few hours a week to train, and feel like I’m not making the most out of them.”


These are the typical problems people come to our coaching programme to solve. They want to do something exciting and worthwhile in the gym, but need a coach to manage their direction. Our Weightlifting programme is for all levels and differs from most group training. We are performance focused and teach Olympic style weightlifting from the ground up.


The group has the same collaborative goal of adding more weight to their Snatch and Clean & Jerk lifts, but have individualised programmes based around experience, movement capacity and tolerance to training.  

The programme revolves around explosive, full body lifts. We train all of the main muscle groups simultaneously, covering all bases in a couple of sessions per week. Training this way means you don’t have to train as often, growth hormone and testosterone are spiked higher with weightlifting than conventional training leading to the development of a leaner, stronger body.

The sport of weightlifting revolves heavily around flexibility and achieving the right positions. Each new member will receive a 1-1 functional movement assessment and have their programme crafted around the results. Next, you will be paired with a similar individual in the group and work to progress just a little bit more each session.

So come and join the team where teamwork and mindset align. The team will not let you fail.

Your Coach

Hi, I'm James McKie, the owner of Riverside Gym and Head Coach of the Olympic Weightlifting Programme. I created this programme for those who want to upgrade their training and add a new dynamic to their physical capabilities. 

I started this programme to solve a problem I was seeing across the board, clients who wanted to move on from random workouts and circuits to something more serious, but couldn't do it alone. Often they would try classes but find they were left to their own devices, find it too easy or too difficult with exercises selected at random. They were simply training to get tired.

We go back to basics, using big lifts that create the right environment for increased strength, muscle fibre growth and rise in metabolic rate to assist in fat loss.

I assess every new individual personally and update your programme session by session based on what we're seeing. I have used Olympic Weightlifting as a tool for development everyone from business executives and professional fighters to 8 year olds.

I believe in harnessing the power of groups to achieve goals and have never coached anyone who didn't progress. 

Join the Riverside Gym Olympic Weightlifting Programme and find out for yourself.

What You Will Gain From This Programme

Harness Your Most Powerful Hormones

The intensity and power generated by the Olympic lifts causes large spikes in testosterone and growth hormone, responsible for developing a lean, muscular physique.

Confidence In Your Lifting

Get coached in the heavy basics and retain skills for life. You will have access to top coaches and a support network to get you where you need to be.

Become Supple and Mobile

Each session begins with a 30 minute warm-up and individualised corrective work. Weightlifting demands excellent positions, and with the scores from your movement assessment being tested and re-tested, you'll know exactly where you are and how you've improved.

Gain an Education in Nutrition and Recovery

No programme is complete without addressing the external life factors that enhance or detract from performance. Learn along the way how to put yourself in the best position to succeed.

What People Are Saying

"Since training with James, my overall strength and
technique have improved dramatically. His
knowledge and passion made training engaging and enjoyable but also challenging. I couldn’t
recommend him more highly."

Harriet Bernstein-Dale

"I trust James. He has always programmed practically for me, helping to overcome old injuries and find a solution to a problem. He is always willing to give extra content and feedback outside of sessions and actually wrote my first ever
programme for free."


Jeremy Gordon

"Not only has my fitness and strength endurance improved over the past eight weeks in the group, but I have also experienced a considerable strength carry-over to my regular workouts, something that I do not see very often now that I am approaching fifty. James is passionate about what he teaches, incredibly knowledgeable and has a keen eye for detail. I would highly recommend James as a PT and the Olympic Weightlifting course to anyone looking for a boost in their training."


Mark Bretherton

" The Riverside Gym weightlifting programme is without doubt the single most beneficial course I have taken part in.

James enthusiasm backed up by university level knowledge pours out of him for the full 90 minutes of each  session.

I've met some great people, I'm more confident and know I'm a better athlete than before.

No matter what your shape, size or ability give it a go! "

Mark Cantell

"Olympic weightlifting isn't for the fainthearted, but I’ve found my sessions with James to be fun, varied and challenging. He manages to strike a balance between motivation and support, whilst still being endlessly patient. I've only been training with James for about two months but, even in that short time, I really do feel fitter and more toned. James has a holistic approach to fitness and covers nutrition and psychology in his sessions as well as just the physical.  Highly recommended!"

Audrey Shirley

"The programme has been a revelation. Fat has dropped off, aerobic capacity has ballooned and muscle has appeared from nowhere. Even better the technical requirement of weightlifting means that the instructors are constantly looking at, and improving, your posture.

I strongly recommend this programme for quickly accelerating fitness and I can commend the instructors as alert, expert and supportive."


Steven Rhodes

"I walked into Riverside Gym only looking for a place to exercise. What I got in return was so much more. Having recently moved, I was open to a new challenge and James suggested I try the art of Olympic Weightlifting. There is no looking back! With James' instruction and attention my physical ability, health, posture and attitude have all improved greatly in such a short time. Even better is the comradery within the programme, it's more than just a gym."

Glenn Richter

Dates & Times

Group A runs on Wednesday nights from 19:00 - 20:30 and Saturday mornings from 09:00 - 10:30.

Training runs in blocks of 4-weeks.

This is a rapidly developing programme.

Spaces open once a month and close again once the block of training is underway.


What's Included in the Programme

  • Weightlifting specific movement screen. This is a comprehensive assessment to show us how your body moves. Over the course of the programme this will be tested and re-tested to review progress. We also bring in a physio to test individuals and provide extra maintenance work each month.

  • Personalised session by session programme. No matter which point of year you begin the programme in relation to others, your programme will be moulded to fit your experience, movement capacity, strength and recovery. It is an ever evolving document governed by your rate of progression.

  • Expert coaching. All coaches have either graduated or are studying on a Level 6 strength & conditioning degree or recognised body equivalent. We usually work on a ratio of 1 coach to every 3 athletes, meaning you will receive plenty of hands on attention.

  • Teamwork. A group with cohesive goals is a powerful tool for success. All new members will be supported by both the coaching staff and those already on the programme. We promote positive attitudes, camaraderie and respect towards each other and the coaching staff. We greet one another, train together, tidy the gym together and shake hands at the end of each session, usually with a few laughs along the way. This is a programme with strong values.

There's More Coming Soon...

True personalisation based on your physiology.

A further step towards enhancing the progress of the group is our upcoming partnership with Morpheus, the ultimate technology for measuring recovery. 

Morpheus is designed by pioneering strength & conditioning coach Joel Jamieson. For the past 15 years, Joel has focused on developing software that measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to gauge the body's internal balance between stress and recovery. His system is used by UFC fighters, US Navy Seals and top American sports teams in the NFL and NBA.

Each day you will conduct a 2 minute heart rate test and Morpheus will calculate your ability to train that day whilst creating a database of your recovery scores, showing us how your body is adapting to the training load over time. Morpheus is inter-operable with a variety of fitness wearables such as garmin, fitbit, applewatch and will collect data on steps and sleep to contribute to your overall recovery picture.

The Grid is an extension of Morpheus and is designed for the coaching staff to remotely collect scores from each member of the group and use these results to adapt the training session for that day/week. Not only does this system allow the coaching staff to personalise your training programme based on your unique physiology, it promotes a learning opportunity for you as the athlete to become accountable and aware of how you're recovering your body outside of the training room. 

For a one off purchase, you will receive your own Morpheus band and accelerate your training results further than ever before.

Read more about Morpheus here: trainwithmorpheus.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will I get massive?

JMc) Not really. Olympic weightlifting breeds a dense type of muscle but the training itself is not conducive to a bodybuilder style physique. The reality is 'the Schwarzenegger body' is not easily achievable without a lot of drugs, exceptional genetics and a full time bodybuilding lifestyle. The physical changes you will see in yourself here are subtle and athletic in nature. 

Q) Will this make me toned?

JMc) Yes. The term "toned" doesn't mean a huge amount but it could be described as an ample level of muscle mass with lower body fat levels. Weightlifting puts the body in a good position to achieve this and with our modules on nutrition and recovery, this is an entirely attainable and sustainable goal.

Q) Do I need to have lifted before?

JMc) No, the programme is designed for beginners as well as those more experienced. The personalised nature of the groups allows a complete beginner to train in the same room as a seasoned lifter. 

Q) Can anyone join?

JMc) This depends. If a serious health risk comes up in the pre-screen, we may divert an individual to a more suitable form of training in conjunction with referring out to a healthcare professional. Those with injuries that are manageable can have their training planned accordingly and may be referred out to one of our trusted physios. No-one will be sold a space on the programme if they are not fit to reap the benefits from it. Likewise someone who is not suitable will not just be rejected, we will help find you a pathway even if it's external from the gym. 

Q) Once I'm in the programme am I tied in?

JMc) The only minimum commitment I ask for at any one time is a block of 4-6 weeks. We often have people who travel for work who may jump in and out of blocks across the year. 


To maintain a consistency to each block, I only open the programme once per month and charge per block of training.

1 Block of 4 Weeks (8 sessions) = £160.00

There are 8 athletes per group.


My Risk Free Guarantee

My coaching programme is built on getting you the best results possible. This is the main reason I have been successful to date and I will protect that by offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. 

I ask that you take part in this programme for one month and if you feel you did not improve from it, email me and I'll refund you 100% of the price. 

I designed this programme to help you reach your goals, and I am confident it will do that.

James McKie

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