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A Solution to Your Problem

Personal training often takes place without a clear goal. To truly tap into one's motivation there needs to be more than "get back in shape" or "lose a bit of fat". The beginning of the UAD programme starts by identifying your "why".


Why do you want to do this?

The answer to that may be very simple, but we need to understand the motivation behind that answer so we can really isolate the best road to get you there.

The process of Strength & Conditioning was developed for coaches to analyse the needs of a sport and put together a weight training or cardiovascular protocol to give the athlete an advantage in the field of play.

The clients we have at Riverside Gym are not professional athletes, they are normal people striving to achieve better health and wellness. We apply the sturdy principles of S&C to our clients. We analyse what they want, find a way to quantify it and build a programme that will help them achieve it. We treat them like an athlete.


We understand that there is more to Personal Training than getting a sweat on or a programme sold on the latest gadget. The UAD programme focuses entirely on you. Whichever tool is needed to get the job done, we will find it.

“I want to be able to move better”
“To play with my grandchildren easier”

The programme consists of testing the deep squat position on the FMS chart. We have a goal to move from 0/3 to a 2/3 over the first block. Training consists of mobility work around the ankle, hip and low back, alongside practicing ground to standing transitions using the Turkish get-up. 

“I want to get functionally stronger”
“so I look better in a t-shirt”

The programme focuses on building up numbers in the heavy lifts (squats, bench, pull-up etc). We go for a higher volume to allow enough muscle mass to develop and finish sessions with some upper arm and shoulder complexes.

“I want to get fitter”
“so I can lose weight”

The client isn’t happy with her body fat despite weighing very little. The reality is she needs to gain weight rather than lose it to optimise her ratio of muscle : fat. The programme focuses on getting her into strength training three times per week. She does have a passion for fitness as she used to be a distance runner in her 20s. We begin by improving her mechanics around the knee and ankle then set a longer term goal to complete a local 5km race in a realistic time she is happy with.

“I want to lose weight”
“so I can be confident around others in the gym”

We set a modest goal of 1lb fat loss per week. The programme starts by normalising a daily intake of food then making gradual changes whilst including some distance walking. Parallel to this we begin a starter programme for Olympic weightlifting with the goal of joining the weightlifting group programme after 2 months, enough time for the client to be confident in the basics and happy at a lighter weight.

Some Practical Examples

Your Coach

Training can end up being a source of stress for a lot of people. There are a lot of different methods out there being pushed and labelled as the answer to "something". If we can pinpoint what we want to achieve, a logical, progressive programme will get us there.

James McKie

Ben Watt

"I’ve trained hard for years but only since meeting James and following his considered, scientific and deeply knowledgeable instruction have I finally achieved the goals and results I’ve been trying to achieve all this time. The real deal. Fantastic coach and facility."

Gregg Gorman

James has an incredible amount of knowledge in his field, and his approach is very holistic. He helped me lose over 15kgs in only 6 months and it wasn't difficult. In this time he also improved my fitness, mobility and general well-being, and I learnt a huge amount in that time, so I'm well equipped to continue his great work. It was seriously the best thing I ever did. His approach covered diet, physiotherapy, strength training, Olympic lifting, fitness, and relaxation - every aspect was covered so well, but in simple terms that wasn't intimidating. Add to this that he's a seriously nice bloke! Thanks so much James for getting me back on track.

Renata Sevcikova

"James has very positive and encouraging approach. He makes every session fun and challenging. My fitness has increased and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift heavier weights and push myself harder throughout each session"

What People Are Saying

What's Included


All programmes start by building up a picture of your abilities. We use 16 different movement tests alongside a recovery screen as a baseline. From there further testing is goal specific.


A plan crafted around you, set to achieve your goals. This is an ever evolving document which works with your rate of progress. Not random or too binary.


Train smart under the watchful eye of a professional. Training frequency can be customised to suit you, we usually recommended twice weekly.


Integrate Morpheus recovery technology to personalise your programme as your physiology changes. By taking a recovery score each day, we can accurately programme training HR zones, know when to take a step up and when to hold back.

Pricing & Logistics

  • Training works in minimum blocks of 6 Weeks. A testing period, block of 4 weeks training, then re-testing period.

  • Blocks may run for further depending on the agreement between client and coach, and likewise how many times you visit the gym per week may also vary. 

  • A standard 6 week block involving 10 sessions is priced at £495.

  • To maintain the quality of service and time dedicated to the client outside of sessions, the programme is capped to 5 clients at any one time, therefore a waiting list may apply upon enquiry.

  • As of August 2019, there are 2 client spaces left. January and February are usually booked a few months in advance and always run full after the holidays! 


My Risk Free Guarantee

My coaching programme is built on getting you the best results possible. This is the main reason I have been successful to date and I will protect that by offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. 

I ask that you take part in this programme for the full duration of 6 weeks and if you feel you did not improve from it, email me and I'll refund you 100% of the price. 

I designed this programme to help you reach your goals, and I am confident it will do that.

James McKie

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