Strength & Resilience Programme

Gain Immense Strength & Build a Durable Frame To Set You Up For The Next 40 Years Of Training


Our clients have many commonalities. They’ve put in the work over the years from cycling, endurance sports, military careers or simply a lifetime of being in the gym. They are busy people. They have families, run businesses, travel for work or commute to the city. They’ve hit their forties or fifties and realised things need to change.


The things they could get away with at a younger age are becoming a problem. Things are starting to hurt. Lower backs, knees and shoulders are complaining, sleep is often an issue and nutrition feels too complicated to navigate.

The problem this population faces is not the ability to complete the training, it’s the formula that’s often wrong.


The solutions are always based around high intensity interval training, low carb diets or running lots of miles on the pavement. The training week starts aggressively on Monday and by Thursday is slowed down due to fatigue, leading to a few days off where momentum once again feels lost.


Sooner or later training stops all together. It’s often hard to work out why it stopped but really, it’s a biologically hardwired mechanism; The brain will not provide the motivation for the body to continue this cycle of breaking itself down.


Too much intensity combined with suboptimal nutrition and inadequate recovery.


We take a different approach and begin by looking at performance as a side effect of health.


We start the coaching process by looking at the life factors outside the gym that contribute to recovery. Creating an optimal sleep environment, ensuring you're eating the right foods to fuel training and making sure any micronutrient deficiencies are taken care of.

Next comes the training itself, which revolves around two lifting sessions per week. We begin by waking up muscles that are often neglected. This may be tight hamstrings, weak glutes and tired abdominals along with rounded shoulders and sore necks from sitting at a desk all day or driving. These are attacked with hundreds of repetitions of corrective work.


From here, we train our nervous system with the heavy compound lifts. Variations of squatting, pulling and pressing become metrics of success with each session revolving around breaking records.


Following this we use joint sparing movements to add more muscle to develop posture and stability, allowing you to get stronger and more physically developed with less mileage on your body year round

Your Coach

Training can end up being a source of stress for a lot of people. There are many different methods out there being pushed as the answer to something. If we can create a system where smart training is easily integrated with simple lifestyle practices, full potential can be achieved.

James McKie

Ben Watt

"I’ve trained hard for years but only since meeting James and following his considered, scientific and deeply knowledgeable instruction have I finally achieved the goals and results I’ve been trying to achieve all this time. The real deal. Fantastic coach and facility."

Gregg Gorman

James has an incredible amount of knowledge in his field, and his approach is very holistic. He helped me lose over 15kgs in only 6 months and it wasn't difficult. In this time he also improved my fitness, mobility and general well-being, and I learnt a huge amount in that time, so I'm well equipped to continue his great work. It was seriously the best thing I ever did. His approach covered diet, physiotherapy, strength training, Olympic lifting, fitness, and relaxation - every aspect was covered so well, but in simple terms that wasn't intimidating. Add to this that he's a seriously nice bloke! Thanks so much James for getting me back on track.

Renata Sevcikova

"James has very positive and encouraging approach. He makes every session fun and challenging. My fitness has increased and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift heavier weights and push myself harder throughout each session"

What People Are Saying

Pricing & Logistics

  • Training works in blocks of 6 sessions priced at £295.

  • To maintain the quality of service and time dedicated to the client outside of sessions, the programme is capped to 5 clients at any one time, therefore a waiting list may apply upon enquiry.


My Risk Free Guarantee

My coaching programme is built on getting you the best results possible. This is the main reason I have been successful to date and I will protect that by offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. 

I ask that you take part in this programme for the full duration of 6 weeks and if you feel you did not improve from it, email me and I'll refund you 100% of the price. 

I designed this programme to help you reach your goals, and I am confident it will do that.

James McKie

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