Recovery Driven Fat Loss

Lose 12lbs in 12 Weeks, The Smart Way

The Problem

There is too much unregulated information out there on fat loss. It's overwhelming and causes people to become their own authority on what works and what doesn't in quite a concrete way. Most people associate fat loss with working harder in the gym to burn more calories in conjunction with eat less. No carbs, lemon water, not eating after 6pm, magic beans etc. are amongst the many solutions people will swear by to lose weight. More often than not we see these approaches fall by the wayside after a few months, usually in holiday season or approaching the summer. We are also see rising numbers in gym memberships and people wearing fitbits to count their steps. If activity is higher, why are the overweight and obesity figures not falling?

The Reason


From an evolutionary perspective, the body prefers to store fat than lose it. In the wild, a human organism would've been primed to store fat for cold winters and learnt to rest and conserve energy when not hunting for prey. There would've been no conceivable benefit to expending unnecessary energy when deprived from food (energy) - This would've eventually led to death. The way the body and brain avoids this fatal situation is by the concept of homeostasis; our internal equilibrium. The state of homeostasis is like our neutral zone, it keeps our body temperature regulated, gauges how much we need to recover from training and when we need to eat and sleep.

Most of us know that the brain chemical dopamine is associated with pleasure and reward, but it's most important role is governing behaviours which lead us back to homeostasis. So essentially, dopamine is responsible for giving us the motivation to eat and workout, both key factors in the survival of our species. On the other hand, dopamine can also sabotage our weight loss goals when we eat less and pile on a lot of exhausting training, an evolutionary danger zone which would've made us easier to kill by predators!


We haven't moved as far away from our ancestors as we think...

When we do enter this state which usually peaks when people crash and their training stagnates or fails all together, leading to a hiatus. We commonly hear the phrase "and then life got in the way and I stopped training" from clients who have been in the cycle year in, year out. We can understand this in a better context now, as there clearly stressors in this person's life and simultaneously overloading themselves with high intensity training and sudden dieting led to breaking point, dopamine decided to work in a way that stopped the training process and restored the client to homeostasis. 


The Solution

Recovery Driven

Fat Loss

How This Programme Will Solve Your Problem

The Recovery Driven Fat Loss programme is built on achieving the following goals:​

  1. Burn a modest amount of fat each week without sacrificing muscle mass or strength - about 1 lb per week.

  2. Implement a habit based, step by step nutrition plan without counting calories, weighing food or sacrificing social gatherings.

  3. Work with the brain and nervous system to routinely be in a recovered state to avoid diet and training burn-out.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • Fluctuating your nutrition and training load. Throughout the week, we will switch between higher calorie days where you can train hard, and lower calorie days where you can burn fat.

  • Avoiding high intensity training on days where calories are lower. We know that HIT + Low Kcal is not only unsustainable in terms of energy output but also drives up pro-inflammatory responses when the body's carbohydrate stores are running low, making it more stressful than normal and longer to recover from.

  • Controlling cortisol responses. Cortisol is a powerful stress hormone and primes the body for fat cell storage around the abdomen and lower back. Cortisol also works to reduce inflammation but can become less effective at doing that when chronically elevated. Hence long periods of high stress in life lead to high inflammation (spots, sores, digestive pain, fever, illness). The cardiovascular exercise and recovery focus on this programme works to control this response and avoid chronically high stress levels. 

  • Controlling Insulin Sensitivity. This relates to your body's ability to store and use carbohydrate efficiently. When inflammation is high, the body favours the latter and becomes less efficient at processing carbohydrate. Once again recovery comes into play to turn down inflammation in conjunction with experimenting with subtle nutrient timing practices later on in the programme to give you a winning edge.

  • Using technology to ensure we are striking the right balance. By using Morpheus software, we can build an accurate picture each day to ensure we are striking the right balance between training, recovery and stress.

Your Coach

Fat loss can be an emotional journey for people and I think many feel powerless over these cylces of weight loss and gain. I designed this programme to create a structure for you to break that pattern. Once you've cracked it, you don't have to feel at it's mercy again.

James McKie

What's Included

  • 3 x Coaching Sessions per Week

    You will coached in weightlifting on your high calorie days. A mix of traditional weightlifting, some high reps and sprint based conditioning.

  • Habit Based  Nutrition Plan

    Spreadsheet and calculator free. Each week we will discuss, implement and test different habits to create a firm lifestyle of nutrition you can maintain long after this programme.

  • Digital Recovery Managment

    An essential for the programme. Each day you will take a short heart rate test which will be uploaded to James to adapt the programme accordingly.

  • 35% off Membership

    Full access to the gym to complete your accessory work and conditioning on fat loss days. Immerse yourself in the environment and get to work in a quiet space.


To ensure quality and care for each client, there are only 4 spaces open at any one time.

Please fill out the application form below to secure a place on the waiting list should the programme be full.

Ben Watt

"I’ve trained hard for years but only since meeting James and following his considered, scientific and deeply knowledgeable instruction have I finally achieved the goals and results I’ve been trying to achieve all this time. The real deal. Fantastic coach and facility."

Gregg Gorman

James has an incredible amount of knowledge in his field, and his approach is very holistic. He helped me lose over 15kg's in only 6 months and it wasn't difficult. In this time he also improved my fitness, mobility and general well-being, and I learnt a huge amount in that time, so I'm well equipped to continue his great work. It was seriously the best thing I ever did. His approach covered diet, physiotherapy, strength training, Olympic lifting, fitness, and relaxation - every aspect was covered so well, but in simple terms that wasn't intimidating. Add to this that he's a seriously nice bloke! Thanks so much James for getting me back on track.

Renata Sevcikova

"James has very positive and encouraging approach. He makes every session fun and challenging. My fitness has increased and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more core exercises, lift heavier weights and push myself harder throughout each session"

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