James McKie holds a BSc in Sports Strength & Conditioning. Following his introduction to Olympic Lifting in 2014 as part of his degree, James began using this modality to improve speed and power in kickboxing athletes, his first business. By age 22, James acquired the gym he grew up in - Riverside Gym, Hampton Court and furthered the use of Olympic Lifting with his clients, this time in a general population setting. He uses the Olympic Lifts combined with traditional barbell training as a technology to achieve general fitness goals by having his client focus on the process of learning a skill. "The complexity of the lifts force individuals to work on aspects of flexibility that often fall by the wayside. The time spent under the bar naturally builds muscle and the need for proper fuelling pushes the client toward reconsidering diet to be able to perform. There is a lot to be gained from buying into a sport, rather than striving to convince clients to consider look at their calories or stretch more. They now have to do these things to achieve their new found goal, add kilos to the heavy lifts. They eventually find their general gym goals were achieved along the way." Whilst re-branding Riverside Gym, James spent time crossing over to the field of psychology, studying Group Relations and Leadership with world renowned IGO Consultancy Services. "Groups are powerful systems, and to create a truly thriving and sustainable Weightlifting programme, the psychological underpinnings must be considered. I want to create a structure that people can stick with for years to come." James' main outputs are his newly launched Weightlifting programme and 1-1 UAD coaching programme.


Specialising in fat loss, strength and high intensity training and pre and post natal.

Having been a fashion and lifestyle journalist for 12 years, Charlie re-studied 3 years ago to become a level 3 Personal Trainer.


Charlie is also pre and post natal qualified and writes fitness articles for various national newspapers and magazines. 

Charlie runs a 45 minute high intensity circuits class here every Saturday and Sunday morning at 8am.


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